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A collection of exercises and warm up patterns that I have used in developing my abilities as a bass player. Includes 30 warm ups, 18 stretching, and over 30 chord change exercises.

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Exercises & Warm Ups Vol. 1

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Shawn Cav

Shawn Cav Bass Lessons Facebook Group

If you have an interest in learning more about music both its theory and application but don't have the time for formal lessons. This Group is made for you! It incorporates PDF'd exercises I use regularly, Photos, Videos, and blog posts of gear reviews, opinions, concepts and so much more... there literally is no limit to what can be covered in this group. 

For the small cost of $20 per month you can have access to all these tools, feedback via comments on any of the posts and your questions, as well as you can request a particular lesson on something that may be troubling you currently. 

How it works:
Payments of $20/month through my Paypal subscription service. You can cancel at anytime by simply unsubscribing.

Once your subscription payment is sent you will receive an invitation to join the group via Facebook, Just fill out the form below with "Lessons" as the subject and in the message include a direct link to your Facebook page. It's that simple! It is a secret group for only those members that are looking to further their musical education as well as ability.

What you get:
You will get all these tools plus feedback on questions in your comments about the post, and the ability to ask to request explanations on particular subjects that are causing you trouble. The possibilities are truly endless what you can get from this service.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you!